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This Book Kills – Ravena Guron

Thank you very much to the publishers and Netgalley for sending me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

When Hugh Henry Van Boren, one of the most popular and richest kids in Jess Choudhary’s school, is found dead, the student body is left reeling and wondering who the murderer could be… Jess, a student under strict instructions to keep her record clean or risk losing her scholarship, finds herself at the centre of the investigation when it’s revealed that Hugh died in the exact same way as a character in a short story she wrote.

And then Jess receives an anonymous text thanking her for the inspiration.

With time running out, Jess knows if she doesn’t solve this mystery she’ll finally have something in common with Hugh Henry.

She’ll be dead too.

This Book Kills is an expertly plotted rollercoaster YA debut novel. It is perfect for any murder-mystery loving fans out there. It is packed full of twists and turns, it is incredibly fast-paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I cannot recommend it enough.

When Hugh Henry Van Boren, one of the richest and most popular kids at Jess Choudhary’s school, is found dead, the entire school wants to know who the murderer could be. So, when the news comes out that Hugh died in the exact way a character in the short story Jess wrote died, she finds herself at the centre of the investigation. Then, Jess receives an anonymous text thanking her for the inspiration. She needs to solve the mystery urgently or she could end up just like Hugh.

This Book Kills had me hooked within a couple of chapters. It is such an addictive read that I could not put down. I am a big fan of the main character, Jess. She is slightly awkward and shy and often feels like she isn’t worthy of her scholarship place at Heybuckle. I love how no matter what was happening, she stayed true to herself and had a truly refreshing voice. All of this definitely helped her to stick to her goal of uncovering the killer and what their motive for murder was.

I appreciated that Jess isn’t ashamed of her less privileged background and understands the struggles her and her mum have been through. She has a close bond with her mum and clearly wants to make her proud by keeping her scholarship place at Heybuckle. Jess’ relationship with her mum is completely different from the toxic relationships the majority of her peers have with their parents which was lovely to see.

I loved the other characters that Jess teams up with to solve Hugh’s murder. I especially liked Summer who is a fellow scholarship student and her determined personality. Also, Tommy who is Jess’ longtime crush and Hugh’s best friend. I adored reading their sweet little interactions and seeing them grow together.

The mystery in this book is so well done and packed full of twist, turns, secrets and scandals. There are a couple of red herrings in there to throw you off the truth which I appreciated as it kept me on edge. I found myself suspecting every single character in this book. I did figure out who the murderer was before the big reveal. But, I was still hooked and wanted to know the answers to all the little questions I had.

Ravena Guron is definitely an author to watch and one I will be picking up more books by in the future. She had me on the edge of my seat all the way through This Book Kills and I can only imagine her books are going to get better and better.

Overall, This Book Kills is a gripping, fast-paced and thrilling murder mystery. It discusses themes of institutional corruption, elitism and racism whilst providing readers with an incredibly satisfying ending. I cannot recommend this one enough!

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