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2022 in Books!

Merry Christmas! Hope you are all having a lovely festive day and keeping safe! 2022 has been a year full of lots of books. A few years back I did a post that looked back over the course of the year, what I’d read and what I’d been rating books. So, I wanted to give it a try for 2022. Here is my 2022 in books (as of 17th December).

By the Books!

Book read furtherest away from home (holiday reads)?

I’m going to go with Book Lovers by Emily Henry which I read whilst on holiday in Lanzarote. It is one of my favourite reads of 2022 and definitely deserves the love it gets. If you have’t read it yet, I cannot recommend it enough.

Book that you personally connected with the most?

I am going to have to say A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Although the main character and me aren’t similar, something about this book made me feel incredibly connect with it. It is such a beautiful story that made me sob in parts and I cannot recommend it enough.

Book you read way before it’s publication date?

That would be One Christmas Morning by Rachel Greenlaw. It isn’t out until October next year but as it is a Christmas book I’ve been reading it this festive season and loving it.

Book with a character who shares your name?

I’ve not read any books this year with a character who share my name sadly. It is so rare for my name to be in a book that that is the only ever happened once.

Book you wish you could go back and read for the first time again?

The No-Show by Beth O’Leary. That book shocked me, broke my heart and fixed it again and I loved it. I would love to read it again for the first time and feel all that again.


Number of…

  • Total Books: 132
  • Books: 102
  • Graphic Novels: 7
  • Audiobooks: 23
  • Pages: 45,496


  • ★★★★★: 22 Books
  • ★★★★: 86 Books
  • ★★★: 23 Books
  • ★★: 1 Book
  • ★: 0 Books
  • Average: 3.98 ★

Blogging Life!

Number of posts in 2022: There will have been 188 posts published on Lois Reads Books over the course of 2022 which I cannot quite believe!

Number of reviews posted this year: 48. That is a lot of review and is way more than I thought I had posted so I am really proud of that.

I loved writing this post! It was a lovely little wrap-up of the year, even if it is a lot of numbers and statistics. How has your 2022 in books been? Let me know in the comments below! Merry Christmas!

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