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What Happened in 2022?

It is the last day of 2022! This year has been an eventful one and has been packed full of ups and downs. Tomorrow it is 2023 though and I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. I thought it would be nice to have a look back on all of the nice things that happened in my ‘what happened in? posts from 2022. I want to see what happened throughout 2022 and what has changed over the year. Here is what happened in 2022!


I started the year celebrating the New Year with family and then a few days later we celebrated David’s birthday. We took a trip to Manchester and had some delicious food. One of the libraries I manage finally fully reopened after the pandemic which meant I was incredibly busy with work. The month ended with me spending a weekend with my friends to celebrate a late Christmas and it was lovely!

February seemed to be the month of car trouble. Both mine and David’s cars started with some pretty big faults so we spent the month getting them sorted. I went to the cinema with my sister, Katie, to watch Uncharted and had a bit of a shopping day with her. I love going to the cinema and really wish I had done it more in 2022. At the end of the month I spent a wet and windy day in Blackpool with my friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Despite the fact we got completely soaked it was an amazing day!

March was a busy month! It started with me and David going on a trip to Birmingham for a couple of days. We visited the aquarium to see some penguins, wandered round the city and even visited the stunning Central Library. I went my first concert of 2022, which was Sam Fender who is absolutely incredible live. My Grandad also turned 80 in March so we celebrated that over a few days which was lovely!

I took myself on a beginning of the month shopping trip in April and treated myself to a couple of books. I’ve learnt that even just wandering around shops or a town centre helps clear my head. My dog, Maggie, visited my house this month for a couple of sleepovers. It was so lovely to see her for a few days and I think she missed me as she didn’t leave my side all weekend. We had a proper Easter celebration this year including an Easter Egg hunt which was lovely. Me and Katie also went to see The Addams Family musical which was excellent.

Maggie spent another couple of nights at our house this month. Since moving out of my Mum and Dad’s house, I’ve really missed having her company every day. So, I love having her over for a couple nights. I had a couple of days out with friends this month. Of course we went book shopping and ate delicious food. It was also my Grandma’s birthday this month so we had even more family celebrations which was lovely. It was the NYA Lit Fest in May which I loved going too and would love to go to again next year.

June started with us visiting family before we went away on holiday. My Grandma hadn’t been very well so I’m glad we saw her before our holiday. Then, we went to Lanzarote for the first time since the pandemic. I loved being back in one of my favourite places in the world. We ate amazing food, read lots of books and had an amazing time. The highlight of the month was definitely when David proposed to me on our 7th anniversary. He asked me in one of my favourite spots in Lanzarote and it was lovely!

July started with me and Katie going to an Olivia Rodrigo concert which was incredible, despite the fact a seagull pooed on me as we were walking in. It was then Katie’s 21st birthday and we had a family party for her which was excellent. The rest of the month, most of my time was dedicated to relocating and re-opening one of the libraries I manage. The new space is amazing and I love it. Also, someone crashed into my parked car which meant there was a lot of life admin to deal with!

I did a huge clean out of my things in August and donated a lot of clothes and books to charity. It was very much needed! My cousin got married in August and it was a lovely day. It helped motivate me into planning my own wedding which I am now well on the way with. August was a generally work busy month so spending time with friends and family was much appreciated this month!

We started September by visiting and deciding on a venue for our wedding and wedding reception. It was weirdly difficult to find a venue for such a small wedding but we did it! We celebrated by Nana and Grandad’s 60th wedding anniversary in September too. I saw George Ezra in Manchester which was spectacular! Also, me and Katie saw Don’t Worry Darling in the cinema and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

At the start of October, me and David went on a trip away to celebrate my 25th birthday. We went to Whitby first which is such a stunning place and we even saw a wild seal on my birthday which was special. Then, we went to York and visited the York Ghost Merchants which was amazing! I cannot wait to visit again. I managed to find my perfect wedding dress in October too which is exciting. My mum and me when to the Taylor Jenkins Reid event in Liverpool which was excellent. It was a very interesting talk about her books and her characters. I ended the month by seeing Thomas Headon in concert which was amazing, as always!

I spent a lot of time with family this month which was well needed and a lot of fun! Also, I sent out the Save the Dates for the wedding which was exciting. Wedding planning is so overwhelming but I am hoping it all turns out well. Me and my Mum went to see Lizzy McAlpine in Manchester this month which was another spectacular concert! November was a nice calm month and was very much needed!

December started with a trip to the Christmas markets for mini pancakes which were delicious, as always! I had an amazing concert experience in December when me and my sister went to see The Vamps. Originally, our tickets were seated and right at the back of the arena but a lovely security guard upgraded up to the pits right at the front. It was an incredible experience and I’m so glad that it happened. We celebrated both my Mum and Dad’s birthdays this month and had a lovely chilled Christmas at home! It was a lovely way to end the year!

There you have it, that is what happened in 2022! What has happened throughout your 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Happy New Year! I hope 2023 treats you all wonderfully and thank you so much for all the support throughout 2022!

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