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The Hate U Give – Film Review

Film Review.jpgOnce again I am extremely late in reviewing this film, well over a year late. I am currently trying to rewatch and review a YA film adaptation each month. This month I rewatched The Hate U Give which is the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Angie Thomas. I love both the novel and the film and wanted to put all my thoughts into words.Line

Starr Carter has to constantly switch between two very different worlds. The poor, mostly black neighbourhood in which she lives and then the wealthy, mostly white prep school that she attends.

The uneasy balance between these two worlds is soon shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend at the hands of a police officer. Starr is now facing pressure from all sides of the community and must find her voice and decided to stand up for what’s right.


I am a huge fan of both the book and the film when it comes to The Hate U Give and there is no way that will ever change. I enjoyed that this film stayed close to the book but also changed some aspects. It was actually the aspects that changed that were my favourite in the film, one big part in particular (near the end of the film). I’m glad they stayed extremely close to how Angie Thomas wrote Starr’s story. It is always a worry of mine that when books are made into a film they completely go away from the books overall plot. This certainly doesn’t.

I was a huge fan of the cast of this film too. There was definitely a lot of thought put into casting each and every character in this film and it really shows. Amandla Stenberg plays Starr so incredibly and her performance brought me to tears a number of times when watching the film. One of the stand out characters and actors for me was TJ Wright who plays Starr’s younger brother Sekani. If you have watched the film you will know why but if not just know that this character will make you cry for a long time.


This book is extremely emotional and I cried just about as much watching this film as I did the book. When I originally watched it I was doing my makeup and what a mistake that was. I ended up having to redo my makeup because I had cried it all off. This film is just extraordinary and heart-breaking.

Overall, I was a huge fan of the, The Hate U Give film adaptation and I will definitely be watching it over and over again. It is lovely to see so many YA books being adapted into films which is why I want to celebrate at least one each month! If you are looking for a heart-breaking, thought-provoking and hard-hitting film then The Hate U Give is for you!

5 StarsLineHappy Reading

22 thoughts on “The Hate U Give – Film Review

  1. Great review, Lois! Reading The Hate U Give was definitely an emotional experience for me too! I cried for hours after I finished it. The movie got me too, but I was better prepared, so I wasn’t balling like a baby in the theater.

    I appreciated them sticking to the main plot of the story, but making some changes to make the story work for the adaptation, and I LOVED the Angie Thomas cameo!!

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