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YALC 2019 Recap

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I can’t quite believe I am writing this already by YALC 2019 has been and gone! It absolutely flew by and if I had blinked I’m sure I would have missed the whole weekend! This was my second time attending YALC which is the Young Adult Literature Convention based in London at the same time as London Film & Comic Con. I had such an amazing weekend filled with friends, books, authors and lots of fun! Here is a little recap of the weekend!



YALC weekend has once again been absolutely incredible. I got to spend the whole weekend with my best friends. I finally got to spend longer than a day with the lovely Sophie and Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner, two girls who I adore with all my heart! Also, I finally got to spend more than a few hours with Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish. I have definitely got an incredible best friend in Charlotte and I miss her already and wish she lived closer! Also, the weekend wouldn’t have been the same without the wonderful Fiona, who was I believe, our mother for the weekend, thanks Fi!

We spent time together chatting books, playing Bananagrams, attending signings and panels together and having an all-round excellent time. Thank you to these wonderful people for making my weekend what it was!


I bought a lot of books over the course of the weekend, as well as winning quite a few in raffles and being gifted a few by the publishers. I bought most of the books from YALC but I did buy a couple from Foyles before YALC had even started! I am planning on posting a YALC book haul in the next couple of days so I can go into more detail about each book I got! So, keep an eye out for that!


I was a lot more prepared for YALC this year and had done a lot of packing before attending for the weekend! When I got there though my plans for the panels and workshops available went out the window!

I hardly attended any panels this year. I dipped in and out of a couple of them and enjoyed them when I was in them. I loved the Carrie Hope Fletcher panel as I had never seen Carrie do a panel before and it was just an eye-opening experience.

I went to a couple of workshops over the course of the weekend. My favourite being What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel PROUD! This was run by the lovely Stripes publishing and was a lovely 45 minutes spent crafting!

Although I didn’t attend many workshops or panels I don’t regret it one bit. I spent the weekend doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to. If I didn’t feel like sitting in a panel or workshop I didn’t. I spent time with my friends, read my books and even played bananagrams. All this made my weekend feel a lot more relaxed when it feels like you are moving at 110mph.

2019-07-29 05.55.03 1.jpg

I attended a lot of signings over the course of the weekend and met so many wonderful authors. I may have only taken 8 books with me to be signed over the weekend but I met a lot more than 8 authors.

This year I decided to take a set of book plates I had designed to get signed by a few authors instead of carrying all their books with me. I met a lot more authors thanks to this and got my book plates signed. These are going to be stuck in their respective books very soon and I will definitely be using them again next year!

All the authors I met were lovely and were so open to any questions or thoughts I had about their books. Thanks to all the authors I met for making the weekend lovely and showing me excellent why I love all your books!

I have so many highlights from the weekend and thought I would run through them quickly!

  • Spending the weekend with my best friends and laughing the hours away!
  • Meeting new authors and authors I have seen before and having wonderful conversations with them all.
  • Talking to publicists that I have worked with in the past and meeting new ones I want to work with in the future!
  • Making so many new friends in signing queues, panels and workshops!
  • Seeing Jason Momoa wander through YALC again and also catching a glimpse of Jason Isaacs, Tom Felton and Tom Ellis!
  • Spending the last hour of YALC trying to catch a top hat on my head!


YALC weekend ended with me spending an amazing time with friends, meeting so many new bloggers, book lovers, authors and publishers. I have had so much fun looking back on all the pictures I took over the weekend! The above in a personal favourite of mine from the weekend, me and my best friends acting like idiots!

I cannot wait to attend YALC again next year and spend even more time around likeminded people!

Happy Reading

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