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You’re The One That I Want – Simon James Green

Freddie has a reputation as a ‘nice guy’ – inoffensive, sweet, kind – and therefore completely un-dateable.

As he starts sixth form, Freddie decides that this nice guy isn’t going to finish last any more. No more missing out on parties because he’s got to do his homework. No more saying no when he really wants to say yes. And most of all no more lusting after unobtainable straight boys who enjoy the attention but ultimately break his heart.

Freddie embarks on a series of changes designed to transform his social and romantic life, and suddenly he’s a drama darling, getting invited to all the popular kids’ parties, and hot new boy Zach is showing an interest. Life couldn’t be better!

But the path to love is never smooth – and Freddie’s about to learn that changing everything about yourself isn’t necessarily a foolproof way of finding the right person…

Simon James Green’s novels never fail to bring a huge smile to my face and make me laugh out loud. You’re The One That I Want is the perfect book to read this summer, it will make you laugh, potentially cry and warm your heart. I would highly recommend it.

Simon’s books always have a very real cast of characters. Every single character in this book shows their vulnerability to the reader and feels incredible real whilst doing so. It is very refreshing to read.

Freddie is hilarious and a character that I feel a lot of people will relate to. Freddie is such a socially awkward human being, who is just looking to be loved. Watching Freddie grown and learn to love himself throughout the book was extremely powerful to read. On top of this all the side characters were unique and well-rounded. It is such a diverse cast of character with some amazing LGBTQ+ representation. I adored Freddie’s friends and the relationships that they shared. They were all unique and genuine characters who I loved.

This book discusses some serious topics in an excellent and thoughtful way. These topics include, exploring your sexuality, toxic relationships and gaslighting within relationships and a whole lot more. These topics are discusses with a lot of thought and careful consideration. I always find reading topics like these in a Simon James Green book interesting because he has a way of discussing difficult topics whilst also being humorous in an excellent way. 

Simon James Green is the master when it comes to writing stories with disaster boys, thought-provoking stories with humour and emotion weaved throughout. I love how British these books are too. I would like more UKYA like this please. 

Overall, I absolutely adored You’re The One That I Want and would highly recommend it. It is perfect for anyone looking for an LGBTQ+ contemporary UKYA novel that will make you laugh out loud!

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