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All My Rage – Sabaa Tahir

Thank you so much to the publishers, Atom Books, for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Lahore, Pakistan. Then.
Misbah is a dreamer and storyteller, newly married to Toufiq in an arranged match. After their young life is shaken by tragedy, they come to the United States and open the Cloud’s Rest Inn Motel, hoping for a new start.

Juniper, California. Now.
Salahudin and Noor are more than best friends; they are family. Growing up as outcasts in the small desert town of Juniper, California, they understand each other the way no one else does. Until The Fight, which destroys their bond with the swift fury of a star exploding.

Why did no one tell me how much of an exceptional writer Sabaa Tahir is? I have seen a lot about her books but due to them mainly being from the fantasy genre I have never picked one up. Until now! All My Rage is a beautifully written novel that left me heart-broken but hopeful. It is certainly a must read for all.

Salahudin and Noor are more than best friends; they are family. Having grown up as outcasts in the small town of Juniper, they understand each other the way no one else does. Until The Fight, which destroys their bond immediately. Now, Sal is trying to run the family motel as his mother’s health deteriorates and his father loses himself to alcoholism. Meanwhile, Noor is working at her wrathful uncle’s liquor store whilst hiding the fact she is applying to colleges so she can escape him and Juniper, forever.

All My Rage is told from three perspectives. Sal, Noor and Sal’s mother Misbah. All three perspectives are written beautifully and have unique voices. I adore these characters and felt incredibly connected to them all, for different reasons, whilst reading. The three main characters are interconnected and together tell a story of forgiveness and truth.

I loved reading the little snippets of Misbah’s life in her chapters. Seeing how she talked about both Noor and Sal was so heart-warming. Noor quickly became my favourite character. She hasn’t had an easy life and I felt all of her rage, fear, hopelessness and love alongside her. I wanted her to get everything she wanted and rooted for her so much. I adored Sal and all his flaws. He is trying his upmost to save those he loves under very difficult circumstances. I was rooting for him throughout too.

The way Sabaa Tahir writes about grief is in a way I have never seen before. She captures all the feelings of grief in a way I wish so many others would do. Some quotes in this book are so beautiful, surrounding the topic of grief, and I’m sure they will resonate with so many people.

This book touches on a number of difficult topics. Sexual and physical abuse, drugs, death and prejudice. All of this topics are given respect and discussed in an open and honest way. I will certainly be reading more books by Sabaa Tahir in the future. Her writing is beautiful and made me feel so many emotions.

Overall, All My Rage is a story of friendship, love, family, life, suffering and pain. It is heart-breaking but leaves you feeling hopeful. It is such a beautiful book that I cannot recommend enough.

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