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What Happened in June?

What Happened in?

June has been a relaxing yet extremely busy month for me. I have been on holidays, things have changed when it comes to my job and I have read a lot of books. Here is what happened in June!Line

What I Rea.jpg

I have had an incredibly reading month. Not only have I been taking spare time in my day to read but I went on holiday for 10 days where I spent all the time I wasn’t walking around the island, reading. I wrote a full post, along with mini reviews about all the book that I read in June and you can find that here. Here is what I read in June!

  • Call it What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer (Novel) 5‘s
  • I Hold Your Heart by Karen Gregory (Novel) 5‘s
  • Birthday by Meredith Russo (Novel) 5‘s
  • All the Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman (Novel) 5‘s
  • Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus (Novel) 4‘s
  • Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green (Novel) 5‘s
  • A Danger to Herself and Others by Alyssa Sheinmel (Novel) 4‘s
  • Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippencott (Novel) 4‘s
  • Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay (Novel) 4‘s
  • Sadie by Courtney Summers (Audio Book) 4‘s
  • Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (Audio Book) 4‘s

Top 5 Posts.jpg

I’ve had another good blogging month and posted as much as I wanted too this month! I even had ideas pop into my head for July and August I am getting better at scheduling posts ahead of time to make things a little easier for me too! I am fully in a blogging stride at the minute! Here are my top 5 posts for June.


Reading Goal.jpg

I’m still extremely happy with how many books I have read this year and the progress I have made with my reading goal. I upped my reading goal from 30 books this year to 60 books in May. I feel happy that I can reach this goal! I am actually at around 40 books whilst writing this post. I am still putting aside £5 for every book I read this year and saving it all up so I have a lot put aside already.


Personal Update.jpg

This month has been both relaxing but busy for a few reasons. First of all I went on holiday for 10 days, I also had a change at my job and I went to a couple of events.

I started out the month in my favourite place, Lanzarote. David and I went to Lanzarote for the third time for 10 days to relax and have a good time. It was a nice way to relax but also to celebrate being together for 4 years. I actually did a little recap of the holiday which you can find here.

When I got back from my holiday the wheels were set in motion for my job change. This hasn’t happened yet but hopefully it will be happening soon and I will certainly be talking about it when it happens. All I can say right now is that I am extremely excited.

I went to the cinema for the first time in about a year this month to watch Toy Story 4. What a film is all I will say! I might even do a review at some point. I love going to the cinema and wish I went more. I know I will be going next month because Spider-Man Far From Home is out and I cannot miss that film for the world!

Towards the end of the month I attended Sarah and Sophie’s LGBTQ+ book club! I love attending this book club even if I haven’t read the book (which I hadn’t done this month). It is such a lovely little book club full of wonderful people! This month we discussed Birthday by Meredith Russo, which is a book that I loved.

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That’s it June is over. I cannot wait to see what July holds. What has your June been like and what have you read? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Reading

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  1. Not only did you read like, one billion books this month, but they were also all high ratings! That is awesome! I am also so glad you had such a good time on your vacations! That sounds so nice, and your pictures are lovely.

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