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What’s On My Netgalley TBR?

I may not have requested more books on Netgalley in the last month but that doesn’t mean that my Netgalley shelf has shrunk at all. I’m making it my aim to finally make my way through all the books I have on there and get my ratio back up. I started writing these posts to show what was on my Netgalley TBR and to hold myself accountable when it comes to reading them. So, here are the books on my Netgalley TBR / shelf at the moment!

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren

Felicity “Fizzy” Chen is lost. Sure, she’s got an incredible career as a beloved romance novelist with a slew of bestsellers under her belt, but when she’s asked to give a commencement address, it hits her: she hasn’t been practicing what she’s preached.

Fizzy hasn’t ever really been in love. Lust? Definitely. But that swoon-worthy, can’t-stop-thinking-about-him, all-encompassing feeling? Nope. Nothing. What happens when the optimism she’s spent her career encouraging in readers starts to feel like a lie?

Connor Prince, documentary filmmaker and single father, loves his work in large part because it allows him to live near his daughter. But when his profit-minded boss orders him to create a reality TV show, putting his job on the line, Connor is out of his element. Desperate to find his romantic lead, a chance run-in with an exasperated Fizzy offers Connor the perfect solution. What if he could show the queen of romance herself falling head-over-heels for all the world to see? Fizzy gives him a hard pass—unless he agrees to cast the contestants according to a list of romance archetypes. When he says yes, and production on The True Love Experiment begins, Connor wonders if that perfect match will ever be in the cue cards for him, too.

I cannot wait to read this one! It sounds like it is going to be the perfect book to read this summer and one I am sure I will love. I’ve been seeing so many amazing reviews for it recently which has made me even more excited to give it a read very soon. Of course, I’ll share my thoughts on it when I’ve read it!

Wild Things by Laura Kay

Stuck in a dead-end job and hopelessly in unrequited love with her best friend, El needs a major life change. One New Year’s resolution to ‘Be More Wild’ later, and she’s committed to doing one wild thing every month for a year. Admittedly, so far it’s amounted to one small tattoo, one bad hangover and one very disappointing threesome, but she’s trying and surely it can only get better…

So when a plan is hatched for El, Ray and their two closest friends – newly heartbroken Will and Instagram darling Jamie – to ditch the big city and move out to a ramshackle house in the middle of the English countryside, El can hardly say no. This is her big chance for a fresh start, the perfect wild thing.

But living in close proximity to the love of your life without letting on isn’t as easy as El might think…

I’m always going to jump on the opportunity to read a new friends-to-lovers book and this is exactly that! I’ve seen some excellent things in the past about Laura Kay’s books but have yet to read one myself. So, I’m looking forward to giving this one a read and seeing what I think of the book.

Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli

Imogen may be hopelessly heterosexual, but she’s got the World’s Greatest Ally title locked down. And when she visits her best friend, Lili, at college who is newly-out, newly-graduated, and newly thriving, with a cool new squad of queer college friends, no one knows that Imogen’s a raging hetero – not even Lili’s best friend, Tessa.

Of course, the more time Imogen spends with chaotic, freckle-faced Tessa, the more she starts to wonder if her truth was ever all that straight to begin with…

I’m currently reading this one at the moment and I’m loving it. I’m intrigued to see how it will all play out but it has been so lovely being stuck in another book by Becky Albertalli. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this one.

There you have it, some of the books that are on my Netgalley shelf/TBR at the minute! What have you got on your Netgalley shelf and what are you excited to read? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading

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